Monday, April 30, 2007

Matt Patrick's movin' in!!!!!

I am VERY excited to announce that Matt Patrick and myself are expanding our space in the Fallout arts co-op and joining forces to create one big, beautiful music studio!!! I will continue to teach music lessons, but this will greatly expand the capacity to record music.

Partnering with Matt will also bring some much needed friendship, accountability and support for me. And I believe it will also create new excitment and synergy for finding work.

Meanwhile our efforts as an arts community to launch new art at the Fridge Fest ( has been good, and yet audiences have been small. We have one week left of shows (May 3rd thru 5th) in case you can come and see a show or two.

ALSO... the Fallout art community will be participating in the May Day Parade coming up THIS Sunday May 6th. The parade starts at 11:00.... Please come and see this wonderful explosion of people coming out of hibernation.

Soooo... lots of new birth, mixed with some birthing pains.

Thanks a TON again for all your support!


Thursday, January 25, 2007


What can I say... life goes on.

The Fallout Art Co-op is filling up with artists. My long period of being the only lone camper in the art co-op space is done and it is good to have neighbors.

Put Down the Muffin is getting some gigs. Our gig at the Fineline went really well, and I sent a CD and cover letter to The Current radio station in hopes that they will find a song or two to play.

Part of why I am beginning to blog again is that I have a few people who are supporting me AND the faith-based non-profit known as Source by helping sponsor my studio space in the arts co-op. This allows me to continue training and mentoring emerging artists, especially (but not limited to) the musicians of the church.

I did a gig in December with my student prodigy, Julia Peterson. I am recording a CD of her original music and helping her to starting playing out. She is a senior at Concordia Academy High School and recently auditioned for a music college in Nashville. Julia is such a great example of what I love to do. When Julia first came to me she simply had been writing songs in her bedroom not knowing if they were any good. I have had such a great time helping her recognize her talent and encouraging her to be a good steward of what she has been given. Julia won a songwriter contest for a huge national youth event called CHIC and performed in front of about 8,000 youth. I look forward to inviting you all to her CD release concert hopefully sometime this coming summer.

Well... I want to thank all the people who befriend and support what I do and what Source does. Matt Patrick has joined the Source crew at the Fallout Urban Art Center and is a part of their staff. Check out what he is up to at...

And the Fallout website.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

An Art Co-op Begins.

Well, well...

May was a month of construction and June was a month of meetings in an effort to get the Arts Co-op launched. Going from the exhausting process of remodeling a duplex right into remodeling a 100 year old building into an Art Co-op has been a bit overwhelming. We have had to both build and remodel this beautiful old building... AND try to get the word out about it.

"An Art Community FOR The Community" is the slogan. A place where artists of all sorts of mediums work to create a friendly, inviting, affordable and inspiring place to create their art, AND also a place where artists give back to the community in small yet significant ways. We are asking that each co-op participant would give around an hour a week by involving themselves in service to the community. The Fallout Arts Co-op works in conjunction with the Fallout Urban Art Center which has served the needs of urban youth, homeless and people of low income for over ten years. The idea is that each artist can decide how they would want to contribute to these real needs in any variety of creative ways. From educating low income youth in the arts to donating a piece of their work to raise support for a cause.

Well... that's the quick blurb! This past Saturday I was surprised and blessed when a group of youth from Church of the Open Door came and help paint the future art space. THANKS A TON my young paiters!!! Your service to us was inspirational!

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